Dienstag, 17. Juli 2018

Mesmerizing distance

Inside your mind but far away, like an unknown, distant galaxy. You explore, get explored, being scanned like an object, without having any name anymore, without being someone, now you're no-one. A piece of a slave, surrendered its free will to the power of a mesmerizing Goddess.

She has already captivated your mind, now she conquers your sexual energy. It's all hers, the times you owned it are over. Your only desire is to please your mistress, go for her beyond the limits of your load capacity, making you totally naked, not just physically. You desire to offer her your submissive soul and life: you offer her total power over you, hoping she will use you, exploit you for her greatest pleasure and joy. You are a piece of nothing out of which she drains all.  You're a sacrifice.

You will not be lucky until every atom of your existence has surrendered to her very being, until it will be dedicated to her agenda. You're fantasizing about being her pet, her pig, her slave, her sissy - however she wants you. Any resistance you could have has melted under her intriguing presence that captured your mind.  A view into her piercing eyes, listening to her enchanting voice, her demands like coming from a succubus moving under your skin.

There's no way out anymore, you're trapped, her prey, and she will do with you what she wants. And there's nothing more you crave for. You're ready, to be whatever she wants. There's no distance anymore, although she's far like a distant shining star.

Samstag, 7. Juli 2018

The fate of the paypig

You feel her disregard, she doesn't take the slightest notice of you, even the dirt under her feet would be more noticed. There seems to be nothing you have to impress her, no hope for just a tiny bit of her attention. You're too pathetic that she wouldn't even be interested to have you as her obedient slave, to tease you and have you in chastity, torture you with her omnipresent sexual energy or have control over your cock. Which cock? That limp thing that lost its life a long time ago? What would you give to become one of her slave objects, sacrifice yourself to her entertainment, to please her sadistic lust? But as strong as your desire as strong is her disregard. You just don't exist in her world of kinkiness, you're not considered.

As this is the story of your life you compensate your inherited loser nature into earning money, being a successful wage slave. You know how to creep in front of bossy characters, do what they demand, and you learned how to make a profit for others. Temporarily you could hide your pathetic nature behind your ability to earn money, but in front of genuine superior beings, your true loser nature was always revealed fast.

So what remains for a creature like you to plead for attention? Offering and sacrificing what you don't deserve anyway: your money! As she recognizes you worm for brief moments, slight compassion arises behind her contempt, and she opens the door just a little crack. Why not upgrading this wage slave to a money slave?

So she gives you the opportunity to crave for her attention, and she opens the door to her Paypal account, which will become your almost sacred connection to her. You will spoil her as you can, sacrifice everything to her, offer her all you have and you are, in the hope to get these glimpses of attention, of becoming a paypig in her zoo...

Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2018

Under her feet

You just stare, stare at this perfection of creation, visible but behind the veil, surrounded by nylon, distant and not touchable. Your fantasy goes crazy, just imagining these little toes, tasted by your tongue, in the beginning just cautiously, but soon your whole mouth wants to devour, to savor every tiny bit.

https://www.patreon.com/secretdedicationYou see yourself kneeling naked in front of her, under her feet, her left foot slowly drawing circles around your hungry mouth, lifting your chin, opening your mouth. Her tiny foot enters that hole and moves around, fills your mouth almost taking your breath. Your tongue wanders between those toes, licking every little one with absolute attention and presence, time seems to stop. And while your pleasure is at the peak your cock is growing bigger and bigger.
"Where are you?" you hear her asking from distance. "Under your feet, mistress." Her voice brought you back into your physical reality in which you're aroused and horny to the edge and her, unreachable like a goddess but everpresent. Taking over your mind and allowing you to touch your cock, with your hands, and your hands transform into her feet, grabbing the boner, kicking your balls, first softly then with more power, leaving a light impression of a short and sharp pain. This pain is of such sweetness and you increasingly get closer to the edge of dissolving, under her feet, into her presence.

"Where are you?" she asks you again, "Under your feet, mistress, in total surrender to you, standing on the edge of joy and pleasure." You don't expect anything, as she loves to have you in this edgy space. But then, she surprisingly said "Jump over the edge, and spread your face with that juice of deep desire and lust, sacrifice it to me." and without thinking you just do as she told. The explosion is strong and powerful, your whole body vibrating, releasing the tension of arousal that was stored for a long time.

"Where are you?" "In heaven mistress, under your feet."

Samstag, 30. Juni 2018

All I want - Total dedication

 There is no escape from my control,
you're craving for dissolution,
being lead by a force that is stronger than you,
superior to you,
that empties you and takes intelligent control of your life,
makes an object out of you, 
an entertaining object,
a serving object.

You become what I want, 
pleasure and pain,
suffering and ecstasy,
lust and denial of lust.
Your life in my hands,
on my leash, 
I walk you where I want you to walk,
take you on a journey beyond your will,
your powerless will.

From all sides,
you will be surrounded
by my presence, 
mesmerizing, sublime, inescapable. 
There is no personal desire anymore,
the only desire is to surrender to me,
to be my slave,
my property,
dedicated to my wellbeing, 
to my existence.
And then, when your personal desire is emptied,
there arises space,
to become delight out of your nothingness, 
my delight.

Do what I want.

Montag, 25. Juni 2018

Blowjob in chastity

It's the fourth day of a 24/7 chastity experience in a row, and she made it really hard for you, hard like your cock pushing against its narrow boundaries. There were challenging tasks that made your imprisonment a heaven and hell at once, sending you those delicious pictures of her tiny exquisite feet, forcing you to watch porn that drove you almost insane, having intensely and delicately tormenting chats of tease and denial. Your cock became a piece of torturing, demanding space for its greatness but humiliated in its tight cage, juices dripping cravingly out of its prison, leaving traces of delightful torture in your pants.

Today she commanded you to the phone. Her mesmerizing deep and smooth decisive voice, demanding from you to play with your anal dildo, arousing this male g-spot inside you until the point of almost total intolerableness. You were sweating, craving, pleading that this tantalizing treatment shall find its relief, at the same time hoping this plateau of unbearable ecstasy will never end.

Concurrently, she whispered like the devil into your receptive ears how she'd sit on your face, her legs widely spread, your cock raging against its imprisonment, the dildo at work and her hot wetness spreading all over your face, taking your breath, she blew your mind like a cock. Satori was so close, for intense moments you lost the boundaries of who you are, where you are, no-one anymore, not even a slave, dissolving into the sensation, this fluidity, wetness, arousal, deep lust and cravingly torment.

When she left you, exhausted, unrelieved, and hornier than ever before, and your mind came slowly back again, and you asked yourself: where did reality end and the mindfuck start?

Samstag, 16. Juni 2018

My Tumblr Slave

You take a last view into the mirror, your raw pale nakedness is just interrupted by some nylons you are wearing, and a tiny little dress that rather appears like a sexy apron. Your skin is smooth, no bodily hair has left after you shaved every little inch of your ravenously aroused body. You put a mask on, and lipstick, a deeply saturated red that demonstrates the slut that lives deep inside you.

Your circle of followers grew already, it's not just HER anymore who is observing you. Many fellow kinksters are tracing you, sharing the same deviant pleasures and probably envy you for having a mistress who sometimes encourages, sometimes forces you to show and share the depths of your secret naughty nature in front of an ever-growing audience.

Today she ordered you to make a slutty video show, fucking your hungry butthole with a dildo. Still, you're wearing an analplug as you prepared your ass to receive a slightly huger plastic cock as you were used to. Enlarging your boundaries, she said.  She wants to see you in lustful pain, wants to see your juice leaking out of your already bulging cock while it slowly gets closer and closer to explode. There's just one condition: you have to give her your full ecstasy, your cock will just get relieved when reaching the height of an anal orgasm.

Your excitement became nearly unbearable now. She's already on, watching you like from a distant star, connected via the channel of communication that became almost like a sanctuary to you. Her charmingly mean comments to you, her devilish smile, her curiously piercing eyes and you sitting in front of your webcam, excited and scared like a child. She pays compliments to your precise shave and your smooth looking skin. Your lipstick is a little too much, drawn over the edges of your lips, exactly as she wants it to be.

A sudden "go" is her short command for you to start your performance. You start a warm-up by putting that dildo into your mouth, surrounding it with your vulgarly looking red lips. licking it shyly with your tongue. While in the first moments it feels a little odd you take a short look at her observing position on the other side of your channel. A short gesture means you to let go your inhibition. So you close your eyes, just having HER in mind and now you start to give a one of a kind plastic blow-job. As if this artificial cock would be the most delicious thing in the world you lick it, devour it, lower it slowly down deep in your throat, you almost choke. A short view towards her observation space shows you that she seems to like what you offer her to perceive.

Her silent acknowledgment makes your cock juicy, and your ambition to let go all of your inhibitions to present her a brilliant naughty ass-fucking performance just rises. Slowly you remove the wet plastic cock out of your filthy mouth. Remove slowly the buttplug from your now prepared fuckhole, are ready to take that hard plastic phallus into your ravenous depth, are ready to cum like a supernova...

Dienstag, 12. Juni 2018

Beyond the mirror

Your craving getting mirrored
With nonchalance
Your desire is seen
Sweating, deep breaths,
Tantalizing teasing
And denial
Go far, you have to go far
Until endurance
becomes ecstasy